During the weekend we will be running a series of workshops. Here are some tips for getting the most from the workshops if you’re planning on coming to one:

  • Each workshop will last for between two and two and a half hours. You’ll need to attend the whole workshop.
  • The workshops are very practical – you won’t be listening to someone speak for all that time: instead you’ll be working on practical tasks and activities with the workshop leader’s input and support.
  • You MUST bring a laptop with you to work on.
  • For workshops other than the Beginners workshop on Saturday morning, you will need a clean local installation of WordPress on your laptop for some of the workshops, while for others you will need access to your own website or a local copy of it. We recommend creating a local copy of your site on your laptop just in case you have problems connecting to the live version, and also to let you practice new skills on a site which isn’t visible to the public. For information on installing WordPress locally, see this Codex page (and note that MAMP now works on PCs as well as Macs).
  • The workshop leader will be able to answer any questions you have during the workshop and you’ll also get a chance to discuss ideas, problems and questions with other delegates.

Running multiple workshops is a new feature of UK WordCamps and we’re hoping you’ll find them useful!

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